"Great communication, the spreadsheet makes it clear and easy to know if my students are attending and what work is getting done." -Teacher

"I love knowing what my students are working on and how they are doing in their tutoring sessions." -Teacher

"I appreciate all of the feedback and clear communication about what my students are doing in their time with you! Amazing!!!" -Teacher

"My kids love you :-)" -Teacher

"The work that my students have produced with you has been incredible and I have loved seeing their pride in having accomplished such quality work!" -Teacher

"The amazing growth and accomplishment of my students as a result of having worked with Mrs. Pulizzi!" -Teacher

"I love how Driven Tutoring has been able to consistently support students in a one-on-one setting. Families and students look forward to their tutoring sessions and as a Teacher I love the positive feedback sent to the families. It really feels like we are working as a team to support each student's individual growth." -Teacher


"Our tutor knows how to find ways to keep my daughter engaged." -Parent

"Our tutor has been a blessing! My daughter looks forward to her tutoring sessions." -Parent

"My son has improved tremendously from his one on one sessions." -Parent 

"My son truly enjoys each session and is in such a positive mood after."  -Parent

"Our tutor made learning so much fun." -Parent

"She has help my child improve and have confidence in her self about doing math" -Parent

"Driven has exceeded my expectations." -Parent


"The best part of tutoring is learning new things" - Student

"I wish I could do tutoring everyday. I love it!" - Student

"The best part of tutoring is getting to spend time with you and laughing" - Student

"The best part is that one, you get the help you need especially if you're scared of asking for help. Two, it really does open your mind in ways of trying new things and trying new ways of solving specific problems for math tutoring or even trying new ways to think." - Student

"Tutoring can improve not just your grades but also your thinking skills, reading skills, math skills, etc. It can also improve somewhat of your mental health especially if you're trying to work hard on your assignments and work in class." - Student